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The VinylCast is a labour of love for our team. We absolutely adore what we do and we put endless hours into making sure we record, produce and release some truly great episodes.

If you like our content and want to see us continue on producing episodes, it would mean the world to us to have you support the show by becoming a member.

What do I get as a member?

Right off the bat you get our love and affection as our personal heroes!! Your contribution will help the show continue doing what we do. BUT…. THAT’S NOT ALL!!

We love Vinyl, and want to do something special for members. We’ll hook up all members with a 12″ LP featuring the best live and acoustic performances from Season 1 recorded in the best possible lossless audio!  

For $25 Canadian you get to support the show and get a limited edition numbered LP featuring songs unheard on the regular podcast. AWESOME!

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