Recording with The Bros. Landreth was truly an exceptional experience. From working with the band ahead of time to the recording, and post execution of legal docs, every step was truly a pleasure.

It all started on a bit of a tense moment. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had briefly brought on an additional equity partner to the business to help with booking bands. While that working relationship didn’t work out she did book us two bands, one of whom was The Bros. Landreth.

With our working relationship collapsing, setting up the last-minute logistics proved “Interesting.” It’s funny enough that even with weeks in advance notice of these recordings, it almost always in each case has come down to scrambling around the day before to bring it all together. Keeping cool and going with the flow is absolutely essential to maintaining sanity and keeping everything moving forward. Being prepared is also huge. That’s something we’ve really prided ourselves on. When recording day arrives we’ve got logistics nailed down and are ready to go…. Or I should say ready for whatever unexpected events are almost surely about to happen on recording day 😊

We were connecting with The Bros. Landreth in Nelson, BC. That provided a minor challenge in that our audio engineer lives in the Lower Mainland an 8-hour drive away. Could I cover the recording myself?

Leaning on past contacts, Drey our recording engineer connected me with his teacher at the Selkirk College Music School, and we got to chatting. As it turns out we were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement where he would use one of his classes to teach them how to set up for a processional recording session, and then use the following class to take his class through helping out with the recording. They get to learn in a real life professional environment with a high end band, and I get a high end recording out of it with some fantastic free help! Win! Win!

You’ll have to buy episode 1 with the band when our Kickstarter campaign launches in May to hear the full episode, but what I will say is the guys got very candid about some deep issues, challenges and highlights with the band that really shed a new light on their sound and where it comes from.

Their songs were incredible, with just stunning vocal harmonies and great acoustic guitarmonies, just a few moments removed from unloading out of the touring van.

We had a ton of fun, the students had a great experience and most importantly of all the episode turned out awesome.

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