There’s a lot to be said for throwing yourself voluntarily and headlong into difficult, challenging and unfamiliar situations. I would argue doing so is the best way to both find out who you are, and force yourself into learning and growing. Sometimes… a lot of times you’ll fail, but some other times… a lot of times once you get good at it… you’ll thrive. You’ll walk through the fire of stress and frustration and come out on the other side victorious. In many ways that is the very essence of entrepreneurship, and why I love it so much. Recording the episode with The Royal Foundry would be one of those occasions.

It all started well enough. I had the venue booked (The Old Firehall in Rossland,BC, a century old fire station full of time-softened wood that sounds phenomenal to record in), the band was booked and ready to go and I had a decent amount of lead time to prep for the interview. The situation I through myself into, was that I knew in advance, that our audio engineer wasn’t available that day to join us and that I’d either find another person and gear to help out, or figure it out on my own. That choice was made for me relatively quickly when I heard back that our potential fill in was also not available on that date. THis is a week out from recording time. Lots of time to figure it out right?

My existing home recording setup wasn’t going to be large enough or high enough quality to cut the mustard for a professional recording. So I went all in, and purchased myself a new 8 track pre-amp and some new mics and cables to round out my existing setup. I figured if I had the gear, I had enough hobbyist recording experience recording, and had watched Drey our guy do it now several times that I could figure it out.

A snowstorm first delayed the delivery before I could pick up the gear the day before recording. Excited,I unpackaged it all and began setting it up to test. Trouble followed at every turn to the point that the following day…recording day, I was still at 3:00pm (3 hours to recording time) trying to get the new pre-amp to work with my recording software adobe audition. Still no go… A last minute download and install of pro-tools, and….nope won’t work there either. Now I am officially stressed out. The band is on the way, and I have no recording gear ready and working for them… To cancel now or not….

Not…. finally after a full day of working on a solution, the simple and free software Audacity worked with the system. While not ideal, it would at least get the tracks recorded, and I could edit them in the proper software later. Surprise the 2 industry leading software systems would not work , and the freebie comes through in the end. 1 hour to recording time. Breathe….breathe…

I me the band at soundcheck and we walked over to the venue. There was an instant charm about Bethany and Jared and the band as a whole. Personable, chill, like your best buds you’ve known for years, but just met a few minutes ago.

The venue wowed as usual and sounded gorgeous with the band picking up an acoustic guitar and cello to sit in for their usual electro-pop sound. The conversation got personal and candid and opened up insight into the two songs they jammed for us Never Have Time, and All We Have.

Listening back to the audio that evening, the tracks incredibly, sounded awesome. For all of that fear. It came together perfectly.

At the end of a 24 hour stress-fest of wondering up until just an hour before recording time whether or not I’d be able to pull off this episode on my own, the day ended with a well earned beverage, many thanks to my wife who put up with my frustration throughout the day, and deep seated happiness that this is exactly what I love doing. Throwing myself into the deep-end, flailing a bit, sure, but ultimately figuring things out and growing on the fly, all while meeting, handing out with and recording some killer tunes with great bands like The Royal Foundry.

Until next time,

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