“I was at the crossroads. I had lost two of the most important people in my life and what was I going to do?

The only thing that gave me any bliss in life was music and performance and musical anything was part of my world.”

-Fred Penner

Fred Penner

Thousands of people the world over know Fred Penner as an affable, friendly, children’s entertainer. They’re probably most familiar with the 1000 episodes of his TV show Fred Penner’s place. Peel back the covers just a bit however, and you’ll realize first off that he may be a children and family entertainer, but he definitely doesn’t write kids music. Keep peeling and the depth behind his music, the power it wields, and the incredible journey he’s travelled developing his style and sound, and a completely new picture begins to emerge.
A man, inspired by his special needs sister at a young age and gifted with an ability to speak to even the most troubled souls with his music.

A musician who hears music everywhere, and has harnessed it’ power to make music, spread love and happiness along his seven-decade journey, and a prolific troubadour with many more acts to come.

“I thought “I’m pretty good on guitar, I had a good voice I knew that. I started playing in lounges and bars an universities and wherever I could and that lead to meeting up with some friends and we started a band.”

Simultaneously he was working with severely challenged children, carrying on his sister’s legacy, using his music to bring happiness an healing where he could.

And then, the dream moment arrived….

“An audience member who had come to see a show of mine. During a public performance he came up and said “We love your songs! Have you done an album?” I said “No.” They said here is a blank cheque go ahead. And $8,000 dollars later The Cat Came Back was done.”

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