“It feels like The North is just about to explode as the next big music scene.”

– Mike Morrison

The Jerry Cans

The North.  What images and sounds does that conjure up when you hear it? Beyond the obvious cold, snow, ice and polar bears, you might think of barren empty landscapes, perhaps indigenous culture, hunting, whaling, sealing. Look deeper though and you’ll discover a diverse culture rich in arts and music. You’ll also quickly realize that the next big music scene in Canada has its roots well north of 60.

The Jerry Cans are at the center of the action in Iqaluit, the capital of Canada’s Nunavut Territory. Nancy Mike was born and raised in Iqaluit, Andrew Morrison, Brendan Doherty, and Steve Rigby arrived before they turned 2, and Gina Burgess brought her fiddle up from Nova Scotia when she was in high school. The effect the land, life, and language of the north can be felt through their unique sound.

You could call it, Mumford and Sons meets The Clash, had they all been born in Nunavut and sang in Inuktitut. 

Nancy brings traditional throat singing to their vibe lending a rich percussion, along with her accordion to Rigby’s drumming. Mike brought his former punk band sensibilities, learning to sing in a new language in the process. Brendan holds down the bass line while Gina lays sweet east coast fiddle licks and emotional droning strings in all the right places.

Together, they’ve launched their own record label to bring the sound of the North, south. They’re leading the charge as The Jerry Cans, a rocking four-piece with a northern touch on a mission to change our impressions of The North.

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