Get inside the head, hearts and soul of the artists

Imagine getting to just hang out and chill with some of the most talented artists and bands on earth. Imagine kicking it on the couch, guitars and acoustic instruments in hand, and just chatting about the stories, events, people, personalities, dramas, relationships, feelings and emotions going through their heads and hearts as they wrote their songs. Imagine them just picking up their acoustic axe, maybe pulling up a piano, bringing their buddies over and jamming those songs live and in person.

Now come back to reality for a second. That’s probably never going to happen. The VinylCast takes you there as we sit down, one-on-one in a candid, honest and vulnerable conversation about what makes them and their songs tick.

Authentic, Genuine Experience

In a world that is increasingly digital everything, online everywhere and all the time, there is something comforting, and satisfying about holding a physical object in your hands.

Pick up that package delivered to your door, discover what’s inside, physically lift that needle into the groove and let your senses fill with an authentic, lossless, analog sound.  That’s why we record and press the artists live acoustic performances to 150-gram vinyl records.

The VinylCast delivers  the next best sound quality to being their in the room with them as they play unique versions of their songs that you can’t find anywhere else ….that is unless you do get to hang out with them one day.

Relate to artists on a personal, intimate level

Here’s a crazy thought. What if your favorite rock stars were actually just regular people at heart with the same desires and challenges as us mere mortals?

Did you know that singer worries about paying the mortgage on his first house? Did you know that duo stole a canoe and paddled on a backcountry getaway when they were inspired to write their hit? Did you know this songwriter, tests all of his new songs playing them for his dog in the car before releasing them?

What we DON’T DO is your typical pop media interview. We chat friend to friend, musician to musician, just like you would if you could sit down with them.

Know what’s cool before it’s cool

Oh the glory of being the friend, or coworker who knows about the next big thing before everyone else. Ahhh basking in the glow of admiration when passing on an interesting factoid just as a particular song comes on the radio is a beautiful thing.

We don’t want to create a bunch of know-it-all’s but damn it, if it isn’t fun to have that one-up knowledge to make us seem like real musical insiders. One of our goals is to introduce “The next big thing,” bands as well as getting behind the headlines with big name acts to help you know what’s cool, before it’s cool.

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